Sunday, August 31, 2008


JEmu2 coming to PS3?

I've done a few tests with BDJ (Java for Bluray disks) and managed to make a start with bringing JEmu2 over to the PS3.

My first test was running JEmu2's Space Invaders emulator, and to my surprise it actually ran quite smoothly!
It took some effort to get things going on PS3, but I think it's quite a good start and encouraging to get the complete JEmu2 to PS3.

I guess I will call it 'BD-JEmu2', and it will involve copying it to a memory stick, inserting the stick in the PS3, and play the stick from the PS3's video menu (this is because the stick with JEmu2 will have the layout of a Bluray disk).

Stay tuned...

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