Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Source code release imminent!

Currently I'm finishing the distribution of the complete JEmu2 source code.

The source will be released under a license which, in short allows for reuse of components in other non-commercial open source projects, but strictly forbids hosting of JEmu2 on any other site than http://www.gagaplay.com.

Why this restriction?
The reason is simple. I don't want multiple versions of JEmu2 floating around, and everybody should be using the latest version. This will help keeping the high score tables maintainable, for example, and keeping up to date was one of the reasons to use Java Web Start in the first place.

It isn't such a bad restriction, though.
Everybody will be allowed to put up links on their own (non-commercial) web site to the JNLP files which start JEmu2, on the condition that there will be a clear link to the official JEmu2 homepage as well (http://www.gagaplay.com/jemu2) and a clear mention of the JEmu2 name. A little note to me, mentioning the links to JEmu2 will be appreciated too.
This will save anyone the trouble to keep JEmu2 up to date, and of course it saves a lot of bandwidth too!

There are more things to reckon with in the license, so read it carefully before you use anything from the JEmu2 source code.

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