Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Welcome to the JEmu2 development blog

Well, you have to start somewhere. Before, I used to post WIP updates on the official JEmu2 site (, but I decided to only post the most important news on the official site, and blog about JEmu2 development here.

At this point I'm still working on MSX emulation. Although MSX1 emulation seems to work fine, there are still a few roms that don't work.
I'm replacing the TMS9928A (the MSX1 video chip) emulator with a new V9938 (the MSX2 video chip) emulator which I'm currently writing. The TMS9928A emulator was based on the TMS9928A emulator as found in the java version of VirtualColeco by Neal Danner, but with some bugs fixed.

With this new V9938 emulator, I hope to get MSX2 roms to work anytime soon.

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