Friday, March 17, 2006


JEmu2 does Sega Master System!

JEmu2 now supports a classic console: The Sega Master System.
It currently fully supports sound, and even has support for saving your scores on the internet (currently implemented in 7 games, for example Sonic The Hedgehog).

There is still some room for improvement though. For example the renderer is a frame based renderer, which means that video emulation is only done once per frame.
In some games though, this isn't enough because they use some tricks which requires the screen to be updated more often.

For example, the palette may be changed a few times during video updating so that there can be more colours displayed at once than the official hardware specifications allow for.
Thus, such games are not emulated perfectly yet.

The same goes for sound updating, which is also only done once per frame, so digital sound effects do not work yet.

I did however keep track of the horizontal scroll register each line, so for example the road in racing games are still displayed properly.

The Sega Master System is a fun system to emulate: It's not too difficult compared to get some games to work, but it's still a good challenge to make it accurate and compatible.

Check it out at the official JEmu2 homepage!

How do I get in to play. I use to play gagaplay(JEMU2) all the time, now it's asking for a password. How do I register. Thanks for any info.
please help me register to play gagaplay again. Monty
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