Thursday, March 23, 2006


Sega Master System emulation improving

I've rewritten parts of the video emulation to render per scanline instead rendering once per frame.
This has improved compatibility and accuracy for quite a bit, because effects done by changing video registers in line interrupt handlers are now emulated correctly.

Also, performance has been improved dramatically. I can now easily run 4 or 5 SMS emulators at once at full speed on my not-so-new Athlon 1800XP machine, which I think is not bad for a java based emulator.
There's even room for more optimizations (caching of decoded video tiles might help for example), but I think I'm satisfied.
Performance problems are always temporary problems so I'm not too obsessed with it (who wants to run multiple SMS emulators at once anyway?), but it's still a nice side effect of the recent changes.

Last but not least, I've made some utilities which makes it very easy for me to add support for online high scores in more games. It now takes just a few minutes per game, tops.
The parameters of the online high scores per game are also not hardcoded in the source code anymore, but are now loaded from config files.

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