Friday, June 30, 2006


JEmu2 does Sega X-Board!

The next release of JEmu2 will include a brand new driver for the Sega X-Board arcade system. The 1st supported X-Board game will be the famous After Burner 2!

This is the first JEmu2 driver to emulate 2 M68000 CPU's plus a Z80, and zooming sprites hardware.
Although After Burner 2 is fully playable, there are still some minor issues in the driver:
- No sound yet (working on it)
- Not all attributes of the tile layers are emulated correctly, which results in some wrong graphics in attract mode.
- There seems to be a little bug in the M68000 core which leads to some strange behaviour during the refeulling sequence (doesn't affect gameplay though).
- The road generator is not really emulated yet, so in the landing sequences, you will land your fighter in the dirt instead of a proper landing strip :-)
- The controls in the real arcade are analogue, which I mapped to the mouse. It works pretty well, but maybe I'll need to tune it a bit to make it feel better.

It is not optimized at all yet, so you will need a fairly new system to run it in full speed. The screenshot was taken on my laptop where it reaches ~100FPS average, but there it is running on Sun's 1.6 server VM, which is a very fast VM but still in Beta.

I plan to upload the new version tonight, or somewhere this weekend!

Hi Erik,

I am considering implementing a Java desktop version on an MSX emulator. Is there any chance you could make JEmu2 v 3.6 source code available?
Hi vlad,

Yes, I'm just a bit behind with releasing the source codes. I'm currently cleaning things up a bit for a new source code release.

Are you sure you're not considering implementing a java desktop version *of* an MSX emulator (instead of *on* an MSX emulator)? :-)

Sorry for the typo. It's meant to be "of". :-)

I would be more than happy to work even with "untidy" source, but it is certainly your call on when it is ready to be released to the public. I am highly interested in your newly introduced MSX2 enhancements and bug fixes as it would save me a lot of time (read sleepless nights).

The sound simulation in JEmu2 is fantastic.

I quite like your implementation of Z80. The only other decent alternative (with some undocumented intructions missing) was the one in Jaspar Spectrum emulator.

I have been playing with J80 for a few hours (you must have heard about it). It reuses a slightly older version of your CPU class. I might use it as a skeleton for a new emulator... We shall see.


P.S. I think I saw your email address in that Z80 class. I will send you a quick email when I get back home.
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