Tuesday, July 18, 2006


More Y-Board progress!

I've finally figured out the sprite colours and the controls, and got both Galaxy Force II and Power Drift fully playable, and with sound.
Before I'll upload this new version, I intend to work on the following:
* Add more game drivers for the Y-Board, such as G-Loc, Rail Chase and Strike Fighter.
* Do some optimizations, such as idle loop removal.
* Maybe implement the Y-Board's screen tilt feature.
* Fix the background colors.

Currently the supported games run easily at full speed on my new laptop using java 1.6 client VM, but not on my not-so-new desktop PC, where the games currently run at about 45 fps on the java 1.4.2 client VM. Hopefully I can get it to run full speed on my desktop too, but the Y-Board driver is quite a resource hungry one (more so than the X-Board driver).

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