Monday, July 31, 2006



Progress is continueing in JEmu2. For the next version, the following changes are done:
1) Much reduced memory footprint in all games. This might lead to more games being able to make it as applets (which have more memory restrictions).
2) Reduced and sometimes even eliminated Sega Y-Board graphics glitchiness. This is kind of a hack because I don't know exactly how the hw should behave with regards to interrupts. For the time being, I overclocked the 68000 CPU's for some games and fiddled with IRQ2 timing which seemed to solve most problems. Because idle loop elimination was already implemented, this didn't cause a noticable performance penalty.
3) Added support for Strike Fighter
4) Added 3 new rendering methods: Plain, Plain with Scanlines, Plain with Scale2x. These rendering methods don't apply any filtering like the current 'default' rendering methods.

I'm also considering to change the local caching of the games. Currently, I'm relying on Java Web Start to do this, but this leads to large downloads the first time you start JEmu2 (all games are downloaded then). Especially with 16bit games (which are generally larger than 8bit games), this is becoming an increasing problem.

A new caching scheme is being implemented where only one game is downloaded from the server if you start that game for the first time, instead of all games at once.

Is Jemu2 still available?

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